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    • Hi everyone, Do you remember last September when we had panda color vote? Then, you chose Red Wine and became a prize during Harvest Festival 2017. Hooray! Now it’s time for another color vote. Click here to vote
    • Howdy fellow Pandas! I'M SO EXCITED! Summer is in its full swing and we've still got some warm weeks around - let's make great use of them! We on mPandanda are doing our best to keep you entertained throughout the whole summer and have memorable warm days. I can't really even decide where to start so let's just start somewhere, okay? Summer Festival is an iconic for this part of the year so let's just start there. We've got lots of decorated rooms and we're sure you're going to enjoy chilling in them! They are so many so just go ahead and check them out. It's so hot outside so a few fellow Pandas have changed themselves. How do most Pandas chill when it's too hot? Of course, with ice cream! Wait, do you notice anything different? Of course! We can now see what ice cream others have bought. Sounds cool, right? We've also got new flavors! Don't forget to check out Lily and Mr. Elmhurst's new Summer Catalogs! I feel like forgetting something. Oh yeah, that's the Summer Festival prizes - as always, Kapono is waiting for us in Fishing Hole. Spoiler alert: you've got pets as prizes. No more spoilers, okay I got it. Let's not forget the special festival Quest that are there every day. Whoops, I did it again. That's the basics of Summer Festival - you've got to check out the rest on your own - pretty amazing, right? We're heading forward to the next update which is kinda 3 days old and that's the new player card generator. Do you remember this feature from the years before and it's finally back! You have probably noticed the Fun Stuff link around the site - well, that's the one. https://mpandanda.eu/fun-stuff Next, we've got a very interesting feature here that you have requested. Let's head over to Community Center for this! What is that chest doing there, by the way? That's the long awaited Donations Chest, of course! What is it, you're going to ask. Well, basically Pandas can donate items and instead of selling them, they can make others happy - everyone can buy any item available in the Donations Chest as soon as they haven't bought more than 5 items that day. So choose wisely - you can only buy 5 items from the Donations Chest every day (their cost is half of the original). By the way I liked how many Pandas decided to join in and donate very cool and even some rare items. Check back often for great items to buy and be quick - otherwise you'll miss them out! Last, but not least, we've got the too many Quest Objectives glitch. Do you remember it? THIS IS NOW OFFICIALLY FIXED! (thank me). Now enjoy doing your Quests that work like a charm and you get the right amount of objectives. Enjoy our little-to-almost-without-any-content Summer Festival! Grab that ice cream and let's chill today, August 17 on our Radio Day! Summer On, DJFang
    • Arr! Th'ay winner of this contest ye be @Suzukipb10, thanks for joining! Congratulations, ye have won big pirate booty - ye 500 Gold o' Panda!
    • @Suzukipb10 WOW!! Good Job 🙂 
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