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Hey there! Welcome to the Forums. Would you like some extra fun? Some contests, some games, some chatting and image sharing with other people? How about creating an extra Panda profile of yours? Join the fun today and log in the Forums!
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Welcome to the forums! Things are simple here. Just follow these rules and your stay will be a pleasure. The rules also apply in-game (if possible). Penalties for in-game rules breaking may vary, as they are not listed here.

  1. Do not spam. - Warning
  2. Do not bully/harass other members. - Warning + ban for 72 hours, permanent if continues
  3. Respect others. - Warning, if disrespectful to staff, ban for 24 hours
  4. Do not ask for or give out personal information. - Warning
  5. Do not show any form of profanity. - Warning if excessive
  6. Do not beg for ranks on the forums or the game. - Warning, if continues 24-hour suspension
  7. Do not use more than 1 mPandanda account. Rule valid only for banned users. - All alternative accounts will be banned permanently from visiting the forums within 24 hours and the main account will get 2 warning points. (If the main account ban is permanent, user will be banned from visiting the forums forever)
  8. Do not reply to topics, older than 30 days, unless it's an important bump. - Warning
  9. Do not post inappropriate content such as porn. - Permanent suspension
  10. Use the [spоilеr][/spоilеr] tags if you have lots of content to post. - Warning if excessive
  11. Do not use any other languages in your posts apart from English. You can use other languages on the chat and status updates, but not excessively. - Warning, which expires in 40 days, if excessive and/or rule not followed repeatedly - content moderation for 24 hours along with a warning.
  12. Do not give reputation excessively. Remember, not everything deserves your like. - Warning
  13. Do not backseat moderate. (i.e. telling somebody that they should be banned because of something) - Warning
  14. Do not make your signature way too big. Use the [spоilеr][/spоilеr] tags if you want to put more content with a big image, for example. - Warning
  15. Do not advertise. - Permanent suspension
  16. Do not question staff's decisions. - You may report a moderator to the administration, but you must not criticise their decision.

Please note that the maximum amount of warning points you can get is 14 before you get a permanent suspension. For each warning after the 9th warning point, you get an extra penalty. Some warnings don't necessarily add warning points to your account, if it's a minor issue, we issue verbal warnings first, which give 0 points.

  • 10th warning point: Content being moderated for 24 hours
  • 11th warning point: Content being moderated for 72 hours
  • 12th warning point: Restricted from posting for 72 hours
  • 13th warning point: Restricted from posting for 1 week
  • 14th warning point: Banned for 2 weeks
  • 15th warning point: Permanent ban

Also note that moderators can override these penalties and a different one may be placed, which may not be listed above.

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