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    A beautiful night to cook my marshmello!
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    hi panda friends, Today we had beach party event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We played fashion shows and had giveaway of light blue shirt with choc and vanilla ice cream That was the event for the day cya on mpd
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    From the quest "The Quest for the Bunnyfish" It kinda looks cute and silly in a way. I guess there is a sea bunny slug that exists how interesting.
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    So due to our pet dragons moving around/ waking up sooner from the sleep button I made a short checklist to make it easier for anyone who needs to keep track of how they take care of their pet dragon. I hope this helps for any panda who might use this. Sleep Food love aka the hearts
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    Mpd now has a Flint Nibbles pet food animation and helps keep the fire breathing strong.
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    Update: It looks like our pet dragons have learned how to take their first steps which is sweet. If you own a small dragon make sure to keep a eye on them.
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    FINALLY! Got all the items for this year Summer Festival. Good job on the Summer Festival this year. I love it and most people like the Summer Festival this year. I decided to make some dope outfits with this new items. And also Welcome Jerry and Sosa to the Papa John family.
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    First days with my little dragon Kirito I love my new dragon but I also miss kycee :"u Sorry baby
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    Should I buy another pet? If so put a buy another pet or no don't buy another pet.
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    we were smaller and had a party
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    Now for the current event Summer Festival August 17th- the 31st.
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    Part 2 For the Pirate Adventure
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    Hi everyone, Sailor Festival was on July 25th- August 8th here is a late recap of what happened and info will be in spoilers.
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    Farmer Dan, Izzy and Maggie have got 5 new Quests added each - Pack 4 Part 2 is almost ready, only Questy and Lily's Quests left.
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    Quests Pack 4 is now here at its fullest!! https://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=974
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    Hand Item event was super funny!
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    New Motto Also , it was a great event , the Hand Item Day We got a cocoa mug , played fashion show and had lots of fun
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    Bob the Builder is repairing my house. LOL
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    Evil Scientist: MAWWAAAHA
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    hi panda friends, Today we had hand item event!!!!!!!!!!!!! We played fashion shows and giveaway of green mug cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    With my new little BABY! Welcome Kirito
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    I have a new friend :') PEN PINAPPLE APPLE PEN
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    Hey-hey! Summer festival has officially begun! I love all the decorated locations and my favorite is Harvest Grove, u must check it! Thanks for the Radio Day event yesterday, it was super cosy and funny Now we can see other players ice creams and that's awesome! Here are some cool pictures for ya See you on mPD!