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    hi panda friends, Today we had a football event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We did riddles with a football theme, then we did fashion shows with a football theme, then we played football with @Panda being the football, then we accidently got the green mod shirt it was supposed to be a guitar shirt and @DJFang made a surprise visit at the event everyone was happy too see him those were the highlights of the event cya cool panda on mpd
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    hi panda friends, Today we had horse event, everyone rode horses, ponies or unicorns. If you want to buy a unicorn you can buy one from Lily At the event we played hide and seek and giveaway of dark blue unicorn as seen on the pictures below. The event was lots of fun cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hi panda friends, Today we had black and white event!!!!!!!!!!! We talked about colors, about black and white facts, we played ghost catch , played fashion shows and we got a white cat ear hoody as a giveaway. The event was lots of fun see you on mpd
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    Quests Pack 4½ Friday
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    hi pandas, Today we had summer fashion show event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We played fashion show in many different places on mpd like orchard, coconut beach, pawthorne forest and the barn. When I won for the white theme I got too choose the next theme and I chose red and purple and @RikaFPDN won, the winners of the fashion shows got 300 coins and at the end of the event everyone got 300 coins We all had alot of fun at the fashion show event cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Black and White Day! Giveaway item was White Cat Ear Hoodie
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    hi panda friends, On mPandanda the football festival has begun You can get football clothes at Lily in bear hollow and football related furniture from Mr. Elmhurst at west market street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Coach has prizes for you at Harvest Grove, you can get the prizes when you collect enough footballs as seen in the picture below Have fun at the football festival, football festival is a brand new festival that was never seen on original Pandanda the administrators did an awesome job with this festival its very unique, I hope that you all have fun collecting the footballs and getting your prizes. cya cool pandas on mpd
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    These are one of the countries that I support in this world cup! Unfortunately my country did not manage to enter but still support the Latin countries, Spain and Portugal. Luck!
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    Hello guys! Today is the first day when some quests from the new Pack 4 are available to do! You can see new tasks from McWiggles, Jim and Lisa. I'm sorry I forgot to make a screenshot of a McWiggles one, because I completed it haha. But it was very sweet (About watering some trees) Jim quest is long and exciting, I liked it most See u online, good luck in completing!
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    Has anybody noticed Lily
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    Black and White Event day today! What a great event with cool games and prizes! Thank you @Rubi for hosting the event for a bit but, still fun, and @Panda for hosting the rest of the event! @Andreea2120 and I look good in this cat sweater.
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    Andrea and I are happy to start the summer, this will be a new stage for us. Health!
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    Hello, forum users! Summer fashion show event was awesome We talked, played fashion shows in different locations and had fun Here are some nice afterparty photos for you
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    Hello Sports fans, today we are reporting about the football festival where we can collect footballs to earn some great prizes such as uniforms, in Bear Hollow Lily is selling some sport shirts and it's a nice way to catch up on them. (football, basketball, soccer aka football and more) Even around mpd we can spot some flag sport teams. I recommend checking the nice sport music in Bear Hollow and Pawthorne Forest. Fact 1: It is believed that Britain used the term soccer and most of America uses the word soccer instead of football Fact 2: The majority of the countries around the world they would use the term football Thanks @DJFang and @Rubi for working hard on this festival
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    What another great update!! Keep up the good work! The football festival is really cool and the great prizes and new clothes to get. GOOOOAAALLL!!! Who is this wonder of a man? Hmmm... Dope prizes!! I hope everyone will enjoy and have fun at the football festival! See you on mPD!
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    Hey there, dear friends I was chosen to try brand new game coming soon! I enjoyed it, so I hope you'll like it too. As usually, wanna say all the best wishes to the developers and moderators. Great Job! I guess, this game is going to be released together with upcoming sailing festival! Here we go. Sheriff told me that I can attach some pics, so here are the rules and in-game pic: This game is a hard one, because control is a bit uncomfortable, but you get used to it with the time I don't want to show you all the pics I made, let it be still surprising See u all online!
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    hi pandas, Today we had a visit from @zing and @Sheriff Steele, @zing gave us a brand new potion that turned us into these awesome dragons, we talked about what we would like to see on mpd (new gold items in Lily's gold catalog, upcoming festivals and what new festivals we would like too see on mpd) then Sheriff came and @FluffyDash tried out the new game upcoming on mpd but I was the first too play it its a very fun game everyone will like it. I hope that everyone enjoyed the visit with Zing and Sheriff cya on mpd
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    Hey pandas, since the quest pack 4 officially started today I thought I would share the photo from Jim's quest What Lurks in the Night, it's really fun to play and mysterious that we get a new ghost.
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    Yesterday Horse event! Blue unicorn was exclusive giveaway item
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    check out Lily's store if you haven't gotten a white unicorn yet pictures from the horse day party but it turned into a unicorn party mostly XD thanks @Panda for hosting the event I had fun up close pictures of our giveaway blue unicorn and the one we can buy
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    From our Black and White Day event party everyone had a fun time and the giveaway item was the White Cat Ear Hoodie. (nice black and white outfits during the fashion show too) So here is a edit of the white cat hoodie although I wasn't able to get the cat face fully white.
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    Love this shirt! Wish to keep it oh well... The Football Event was fun and amazing. @BrunnuNunnu2 and I won the Germany vs Sweden Fashion Show! Dope prizes. Still wish that we can keep this Mod shirt. But we still got the Guitar shirt, still very cool! Thank you @Panda for hosting today Football Event!
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    Finally Lvl 100! What an achievement to reach.
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    A nice day to celebrate the half of our quests in pack 4 and to have a horse day party as well. (anyone excited for today?)
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    We met Zing Ballyhoo just a few minutes ago! He is really nice and talkative. He gave us a cool background when we added him to friend list. We had a great time together! I hope to see him again soon