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    Pierre's last visit
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    Ye be visiting for ye one last time, mateys! 11:00 am mPD time today!
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    Farewell, me mateys! Fair winds!
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    This is some FanArt (now that i see the photo version of my drawing , looks so off lol) FanArt who represents one of the admins , Panda , being dressed like a VB800 android model from Detroid:Become Human . VB800 was the closest to panda looks , he is android that sells other androids in CyberLife stores The "WTF" part represents the moment when at the end of the Star Day event , we didn't achieve at first the giveaway and he got mad . In my opion , it was funny
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    It was star day! ( i thought it was snizzle dizzle day lol ) Even tho i was late , i was able to have fun! With some Detroit : Become Human References and a star shirt giveaway
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    hi panda friends, Today was Pierre's last visit too mpd and Sheriff came to say good-bye to Pierre too. We played many games like ghost and bunny catch, guess the song, fashion shows. We all had lots of fun with Pierre we will all miss him We got gold as a giveaway and some coins. Have a safe journey Pierre, hopefully you will come visit us sometime in the future cya cool pandas on mpd
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    The Fearless Knights and a Trixie
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    Pierre's Last Day in mPandanda Pirate fun fact: MAYONESSE IS A VEGETABLE
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    hello panda friends, Today we had star day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We played fashion shows and had a giveaway of the gold star shirt, cya on mpd
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    Level 110 Cool items at lvl 110
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