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    hi panda friends, Today we had level 10 event on palm server!!!!!!!! We played some fashion shows, we went and saw the new community center The new community center looks awesome a new NPC named Max will have the gold catalog and will have a donating/trading in the community center soon and have snacks and drinks in there, I like the blue fish in the floor and the place for our pets. The new community center will be a great place to hang out. And we are getting a new game in the room soon We had a giveaway of the white level shirt as seen on my player card. I hope everyone liked the event cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    hi panda friends, Today was had costume event!!!!!!!!!!!! We fished, we voted for best outfits, played ghost catch and did a few riddles then had a giveaway of 700 coins. That was the highlights of the event cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The most hilarious event ever! My favorite part of the event was when the host gave us a frosty potion . DANCING SNOWMEN EVERYWHERE!
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    Hi everyone! To note down, drinks and snacks are coming in the new Community Center soon, so the bar isn't just a decoration. Once it comes out, the bar will be a little bit updated and a new NPC panda will be there. Donating/trading system is also coming soon. Stay tuned for more information in the blog and our Discord server. Read more about the renovated center here: https://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=921 We hope we'll hang out more often there.
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    Good afternoon everyone so today we had the level 10 event party and we got to see the new updated Community Center/ have an after party. I like the drink table setup and a little place for our pet dragons to hang out. What going on? Max will sell panda gold items from now on instead of Lily Activities- such as meeting the mods/ a place to hang out and where you can hang out in the after party with mods/ pandas Mini-events- different themes for the Community Center room and currently a summer theme with shark chairs Coming Soon Donation for your panda clothes (I think that might be the panda chest or maybe we can buy stuff from there) Food (snacks) and Drinks- an action that we will get to use just like the ice cream Mpd players suggested that we should have the fish make sounds such as saying glub glub (probably like the sound we had on April Fools day) and to say fishy. Another suggestion was to have a bar with drinks but maybe instead it could be a small room restaurant for food/ drinks .
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    Level 10 party + new community center
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    Today I thought it was a good day to dress like a "ghost" Sincerely I had nothing to do and I happened to scare Steve Will I do it? Comment!
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    Tammy Tomato must really enjoy tomato's a lot since her last name has tomato in it. The mpd tomato plant looks so tiny/ nice shaking animation for the plant too.
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    Today we had game day!!!!!!!!!!!! , @DJFang hosted the event because there werent any community managers on. We played ghost catch, bunny chase, then we talked to @DJFang about gaming, did fashions shows themes were summer and gaming, played guess the lyrics, then we did Q and A about the upcoming sailors festival then had 2 giveaways of blue bunny sweater and purple flannel shirt The event was fun we all were very glad to see @DJFang cya on mpd
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