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  1. For Christmas, my wonderful friend Randy surprised me with VIP after knowing I had a bad week.

    I could not be grateful to have such kind and supportive friends (:

    I hope you all had a great Christmas <3



    1. ludwig123


      That was a great surprise :D

      Merry Christmas!

    2. DJFang


      Wow, that's so nice of him!

    3. UrGoodFriend


      Aww, that's so adorable :>

  2. Reached level 40 today, 10 to go till the special level 50 quest (which I've never done even on the old pandanda)! I hope you're all having a good Christmas break <3


  3. Sadly due to the early times of parties, I miss out on a lot of them :(

    I hope one day the team will host parties later in the day :) 

    In other news, I'm level 30! 


  4. Leveled up to Level 25, only 25 to go until I can do the special Level 50 quest! :D


  5. Leveled up to level 20 yesterday, only 55 levels to go until level 75! xD

    On a side note, I won't be able attend the two Halloween parties this weekend sadly, I hope you all have a great time!


  6. @Panda threw another great event today, Orange and Black Colour Day! We started off with the best dressed in Orange and Black, and amazingly I won for the girls while @Pandalaw won for the boys! Thank you everyone for your congratulations and congrats to you Pandalaw! Then we played hide and seek which was fun and did another fashion show! I had a lot of fun, thank you again Panda! Afterwards, @Chloe @Chris @Panda and I all hung out afterwards for 1+ hours as a mini after party. It was a great day!



  7. Had a great time at the two Friday the 13th events today! Congratulations to those who won prizes in the fun fashion show contests, you all looked amazing! Thank you Panda and Rubi for hosting these fun events, it was worth waking up at 7am! :D


    1. ludwig123


      It was a fun night :)

  8. Currently loving the new update, especially the hidden little things that people may not have noticed, like the net and the ghost catching machine! Meet my two new dragon eggs, Snow and Spark! Have you adopted a new pet dragon? I also love the new community center room, it looks amazing, well done mPandanda team!





    1. DJFang


      You're welcome. It's pleasure for us to do this.

  9. Hello, I'm Skyter, but you can just call me Sky!

    I played the old Pandanda when I was around 9 years old, using the username Skyter2.

    I love to make friends and help out in the community, so don't be afraid to say hello!

    Here is my current look on my player card.

    Have a great day! -Sky



    1. DJFang


      Hey! Welcome to the Forums and the community. Enjoy your stay!

    2. ludwig123


      Welcome Sky!! :D