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    Quests Pack 4: What's Next?

    What's mPandanda without quests? A ̶d̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ chat game. just joking don't take it seriously I'm new to the mPandanda Team and already have a big job - to announce the fourth quests pack. not actually a big job, just the development of quests is long So spring came, the nature rebirths, so as quests. We need your help to give us your best lit quests ideas. To comment your idea, you need: to be lit to know how to dab (not necessary) imagination imagination imagination If you think you have these skills, you are welcome to comment your idea in the following format made by the best cousin in the world @Rubi: NPC Panda: Name of the Quest: Start (when you start the quest) Description of the Quest: Objectives to Find (may be custom): Place/Places to Find: Final (when you complete the quest) Description of the Quest: NOTE: You are allowed to suggest quests with more than one part, make sure you seperate the two parts. NOTE 2: This is not a contest. Not all of the ideas will be made if they are technically impossible, so think carefully before posting. NOTE 3: Be happy while thinking for your idea. NOTE 4: Make sure you read all the notes above. The quest ideas submission will end when we're sure we have enough quests to start working on the pack. rennab eht ni keep kaens s'ereht