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  1. This quest is making me hungry for  berries 😛🍓


    1. PapaJohn


      A yummy, delicious, succulent smoothie needs to be made with those berries. 

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    2. LoveSabina
  2. I wanted to post this on 31st August , but i was in a bad mood . Doesn't matter 
    6 years ago , on 31st august 2012 i've made my first mPanpanda account.
    Reasons why i loved and played this game and also memories :

    • I remeber being so fascinated by the visuals of the games , especially by the Coconut Beach .The games i was playing at that time ( Animal Jam , Club Penguin , Our World) were so... basic i think . mPandanda always had this natural enviroment , that's why i loved it so much , that's why my favorite room of them all is Coconut Beach. 
    • the quests (for me , i was 11 at that time and i didn't knew so well english) were so simple , funny and again i was fascinated by visuals. My favorite types of quests were finding semi-precious rocks/stones in Harvest Grove. 
    • The first festival i saw was the Harvest Festival . Now that is coming , im going to experience my childhood again. 
    • Even tho i was able to stay on my PC for only 3 days per week , i ended with level 18. My goal was to achieve at least 20 levels but i was stuck at 18. 
    • I have created my account together with a friend and we played together . I dont know if she did the quests just like i did . The last day before the games closed, i remeber perfectly . This time i logged alone and brought everything because it was the Free VIP Day. I have brought my first dragon , a blue one but never saw how he grown. 
    • A few days ago , it was my 100 days anniversary also . So happy birthday to my account again! 7

    Now that i have rediscovered this beautiful game , i can finally achieve what i always wanted . With the present account, have achived only just half of them . A plus for me was... that i discovered a beautiful comunity too! 
     Dear mPandanda team, thank you for making my childhood great and keep going with doing amazing things !💋



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    1. DJFang


      On behalf of the whole team, thank you so much!

  3. New Motto ✨
    Also , it was a great event , the Hand Item Day 👌
    We got a cocoa mug , played fashion show and had lots of fun 🍫🥤


  4. I have a new friend :') 🍍


    1. Suzukipb10


      ppap 🖊️🍍🍎🖊️

      😄 pineapple-pen apple-pen uh


  5. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY EVERYBODY! (jk , is Green Day , band's birthday lol , jk )


    1. PapaJohn


      lol, St. Patrick day

  6. Pierre's Last Day in mPandanda 😞
    Pirate fun fact: MAYONESSE IS A VEGETABLE


  7. 38636689_2134938863387857_3814475569291067392_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&_nc_ad=z-m&_nc_cid=0&oh=6f1520d552dcedd4f626cec241f1e559&oe=5BD123AC

    This is some FanArt (now that i see the photo version of my drawing , looks so off lol) 
    FanArt who represents one of the admins , Panda , being dressed like a VB800 android model from Detroid:Become Human . VB800 was the closest to panda looks , he is android that sells other androids in CyberLife stores 
    The "WTF" part represents the moment when at the end of the Star Day event , we didn't achieve at first the giveaway and he got mad . In my opion , it was funny

  8. It was star day! 🤩🌟 ( i thought it was snizzle dizzle day lol )
    Even tho i was late , i was able to have fun! 
    With some Detroit : Become Human References and a star shirt giveaway ⭐


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  9. The most hilarious event ever! 
    My favorite part of the event was when the host gave us a frosty potion . DANCING SNOWMEN EVERYWHERE!



  10. Already ready for the Costume Day ! 🎊🎈👯‍♀️
    Spoilers 👀 Can you guess what am i?


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  11. I just reached level 26 💪🤙
    I don't know about you , guys , but i'm not a big fan of tomatoes 
    It seems like my unicorn disagrees 🤔😂


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  12. LoveSabina

    LoveSabina's Birthday

    It's Sabina's birthday Also St. Patrick Day
  13. Doing missions from the new pack 😁  I don't know if this is supossed to be a bug or not , but i actually love this screenshot
    Almost level 25 💪🎊


  14. Do you want to be an american idiot ?😂😊🇺🇸


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  15. Right after the end of the Hat Day event 😊


    1. Suzukipb10


      nice photo🙂