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  1. Has anybody noticed Lily

    1. eggplant80


      🦄  you can buy a unicorn on Lily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🦄

  2. Quests Pack 4½ Friday

  3. Now introducing, the Summer Refresh mPandanda Revamp! Go log in and check it out! https://mpandanda.eu/play



    1. FluffyDash


      Wow, It's really bright, I like it! 👍

  4. Now presenting,


  5. DJFang

    Forums Posting Week Results

    Hey everyone! Our Forums Posting Week has been a huge success and I was amazed by the activity in the forums - it was just awesome! It's time to announce the one who'll get 5 Panda Gold and the Forums Hoodie. However, the winner this time will be chosen in a more complicated way than in previous contests - everybody is going through 2 semi finals and then it's the final with the final results. Only qualifiers from the first semi final will continue in the second semi final. Qualifiers are the Top 5 members after Top 4 members' scores in every subcategory from our Leaderboard is summed up. The ranking in a subcategory respectively gives the participant 4, 3, 2 or 1 point. First, we're starting off with the Reputation Category - that's for the likes you all have given to each other. It has 4 subcategories: Posts, Status Updates, Status Replies and All Areas (that is all the content you have liked from the specific members - topics and polls + the previous 3 subcategories' results). Next, we have the Status Updates subcategory. Almost there! We've now got Status Reples subcategory. And the last subcategory, All Areas: Drumroll! We've got a few names around appearing in every category but who are the 5 qualifiers? Wow, we've got eggplant80 leading for now with 14 points and then the next qualifiers have the same amount of points. Anything can change in semi final 2, Content Category, we've got no subcategories here. Its aim is to value not status updates but actual posts in topics. Each post equals 1 point, they're added to the score of the qualifiers from semi 1. And here we are, the moment of truth! It's time for the FINAL results. Drumroll please... and click to reveal the hidden content! I really hope that you've enjoyed this posting week, everyone. I really hope that now the Forums will stay as active!
  6. That was a nice game to play!


  7. DJFang

    Forums Posting Week

    Hey everyone! It's time for the awaited Posting Contest. I'll start with mentioning the aim of it - it's actually to help people discover how much fun can you have with the others here. Of course, there'll be a prize and we really hope that it's not gonna get more inactive after the contest ends! To keep the long story short, you need to post. As much as you can. Not spamming. Meaningful content. Anything that's appropriate. Throw your soul around and share music, forum games, art, pictures, everything! How do we determine the winner after such an overwhelming amount of people having fun? Well, let's put it this way: you can also like others' content. Don't forget to do so. Whenever you like something, hit that heart button (or you can also hit the thanks one). And so, the one who has the most posts and most likes given wins (yeah, we can see that through the leaderboard). Basically, you need to post a lot to gather a lot of likes and win. How do you submit? Basically you just start posting. Nothing else. Everybody who is posting will be automatically participating. Isn't it awesome? Winner will get 5 Panda Gold and the Forums Hoodie. Happy posting everyone! Don't forget to have fun because this is the aim of this contest!
  8. Awarded everybody according to what they've done! Here are the awards and their descriptions: https://mpandanda.ga/index.php?/awards/

    If you think you haven't been given one of them, please reply to this status with the award you'd like.

  9. Wow, forums have got so active! 😁

    1. FluffyDash


      It's great. Thanks for the updates! :D

    2. DJFang


      You're welcome!

  10. Forum Updates: 05/06/2018, not the biggest, but very useful!

    * New theme - Dimension - check it out!

    * Awards - now, this is very intriguing. The staff will award different players different awards for different accomplishments. Right now, the only given awards are for post count, however, this is to change with the Posting Contest! After that we'll award 7 new and different awards to all of you - everybody has a chance to get a few! You can read more about them here: https://mpandanda.ga/index.php?/awards/

    1. Karrin


      I love the award update!! 😺

  11. Waddup, fellas? Yo boi DJFang here and it's high time to announce the Fan Art Contest's Results. Are you excited? Wanna read more about it? Just kidding, mates. It was a very tough decision and I'm really sorry that not everybody can win. However, we need to choose 2 people. First place goes to.. @Kivvu23! Their fan art is just so detailed and it's done with just pencils! Do you notice the attention to the detail, the shading? Isn't it awesome? Congratulations, @Kivvu23, you win An Artistic Tee, 30 Panda Gold, the exclusive Dark Blue Unicorn and your 1-level boost. Second place is also exciting, right? Let's see what the prizes were! 20 Panda Gold, 1000 XP and 3000 coins. Not as much as first place, but still plenty. I'm really disappointed that this is a contest because seriously, you were all good and the least thing I can do is talk about each one. The second place was really hard to decide among all the rest (and also the first place was hard because I like cute drawings and the one placed second is REALLY CUTE.) Without further ado, @UrGoodFriend, congratulations! So springish, cuteness level over thousand! BOIIII, it's worth also noticing the rest and of course, as promised, I'll talk more about them. Since all of them are really great I'll give the rest also 10 Panda Gold and 1000 coins. @Ayumi These two are lovely! The second one is so detailed, so cute that I can't even! It is SO HARD to decide which one is cuter. Well done, @Ayumi, thanks for joining our contest! @Andreea2120 This drawing of a ship for Sailors Festival is surely amazing! Notice the detail and even the small little cute pandas! And let's not forget to notice the little pandas playing football on Lighthouse Island. Amazing drawing, @Andreea2120. @13QueenB @13QueenB decided to refer to Sailors Festival as well and draw a mini Panda Pirate. And, the little football adds an extra reference to Football Festival. Great job, @13QueenB. Thank you everyone for joining. I hope you enjoyed drawing all this and I'm really happy that I decided to give something to the people which didn't win because this contest was a really good one.
  12. Fan Art Contest extended, make the most out of it! It ends at 10:00 AM mPD time on April 27 (Friday). 


  13. DJFang

    A Yet Another Fan Art Contest

    Contest extended, make the most out of it! It ends at 10:00 AM mPD time on April 27 (Friday).
  14. DJFang

    A Yet Another Fan Art Contest

    These are lovely!