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  1. the trivia was wild


  2. Sign up for our trivia that's happening tomorrow at 11:00 am mPD time! https://discord.gg/2ThkKrK

  3. what a numa-iei-licious event it wasScreenshot_7.pngScreenshot_8.pngScreenshot_10.png

    1. pandi44563


      maea hiii maea hoo maea hii maea ha ha

  4. Thanks for helping us out fix bugs - new version of Standalone available (those who have it - no need to download again, it'll auto update): https://mpananda.eu/standalone

  5. Since I believe that many Pandas will upload pics from today's Costume Day by @Dilly, I'll be uploading the most iconic Screenshot_10.pngScreenshot_12.pngScreenshot_15.pngScreenshot_19.pngScreenshot_23.png

    1. pandi44563


      im just so sad i miss a lots of events reason 1- school i go monday,tuesday,thursday,friday reason 2- i go with my family to some places to have fun and that reason 3- i dont connect or i connect but when event finished or didnt start yet


  6. Congratulations on 1001 posts, everyone!image.png

    1. Suzukipb10


      it's up to 1003 now 🎈

  7. Quests Pack 4 is now here at its fullest!! https://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=974

  8. Farmer Dan, Izzy and Maggie have got 5 new Quests added each - Pack 4 Part 2 is almost ready, only Questy and Lily's Quests left.

  9. Do you wanna feel the same? Radio updated! https://radio.mpandanda.eu/mpdn.mp3 TUNE IN!

  10. https://mpandanda.eu/fun-stuff

    (feel free to experiment with your username).

    Shall we bring back the widgets page ever? Let me know in the replies!

  11. DJFang

    Adventure through th' icebergs

    Wow there!
  12. DJFang

    Adventure through th' icebergs

    Keep going guys! Pierre has told me that there will be a reward for the winner.
  13. Thanks DJFang For The Status Poster Reward!

  14. It's time to start lovin' your pets - mPandanda has now all the features Pandanda used to have. https://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=936

  15. Reactions to status updates & replies in the home page have been added!