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  1. Fan Art Contest extended, make the most out of it! It ends at 10:00 AM mPD time on April 27 (Friday). 


  2. DJFang

    A Yet Another Fan Art Contest

    Contest extended, make the most out of it! It ends at 10:00 AM mPD time on April 27 (Friday).
  3. DJFang

    A Yet Another Fan Art Contest

    These are lovely!
  4. Welcome to the updated version of our forums, everyone!

    What's new?



    The chatbox is back!

    New stunning website themes (the new default theme is Infraskew, check out also Animate - you can find them in the Themes menu at the bottom of the page)!

    Easier topic starting!

    Social icons are now for some themes on the right!

    Software upgrade!

    Small refinements (check out the new Desktop Search Bar!)

    Now we log all activity on the forums, please keep that in mind as well.


    We had the intention of implementing Member of the Month but that'll happen months later.


    We'll also start soon a massive event with prizes in which the Forums will be needed - all I can say for now is that you'll have to post some good content and, most importantly, have fun.



  5. Would you like to send us some art for a huge prize? Grab your virtual or real pencil and go ahead! Post it later here: https://mpandanda.ga/index.php?/topic/141-a-yet-another-fan-art-contest/


  6. DJFang

    A Yet Another Fan Art Contest

    Hey there guys! It's time for a yet another drawing contest! Let's get on straight to the details, shall we? You have 1 week (contest ends on April 25, 2018). The theme is... anything related to spring, the upcoming May events (for those who attended the event yesterday), the upcoming June and July events. Let the best art win! The rules: A maximum of 2 entries per Panda. It MUST NOT be a screenshot, it MUST be something drawn by you digitally or on a sheet of paper. You must not copy others' work - be creative and original. You cannot use an entry from previous contests - it simply has to be original. And last, but not least, have fun! Prizes? Of course! We've got prizes for the winner and the one who takes the second place. An Artistic Tee, 30 Panda Gold, 1 Level Up, the exclusive Dark Blue Unicorn 10 Panda Gold, 1000 XP, 3000 coins Enjoy!
  7. Wish good luck to @Rubi with all that's to come for him! Welcome @Dilly as the new Game Developer and Community Manager, who takes his place.

  8. DJFang

    Quests Pack 4: What's Next?

    Thank you everyone for your great ideas! Since I need to start work on Quests Pack 4, no more ideas are to be accepted. Just for the statistics: 60 new Quests are to come, making it the biggest pack to be created so far. Topic locked.
  9. DJFang

    Quests Pack 4: What's Next?

    Keep up the good work guys! We've got some nice material.
  10. Ey everyone! Welcome back to the Forums. :)

  11. It's been a year since the Forums were opened. What do you think? Were they a good decision?

    1. ludwig123



    2. Rubi


      Yes, I wish they could be more used as the Discord server. 

    3. UrGoodFriend
  12. seems like everybody has been busy recently

    1. ludwig123


      Ahah kind of, a lot of work to do :(

      But I can't wait for the Winter Festival to start :D :D

      Holiday is coming

  13. Today, we released Quests Pack 3. There are 3 new Quests today: one given by Lily, one given by Steve (which is my personal favorite, @ludwig123) and one given by Maggie. Enjoy!

    1. ludwig123


      Thanks @DJFang!! :D:D 

      You did an amazing job with Quest Pack 3! 

  14. 4 Quests to be done and Pack 3 is ready. Expected release: 14 November.

    1. Skyter


      Excited for these new quests!

    2. ludwig123
  15. Pumpkin Festival to be here in 4 hours.