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  1. I got a new pet. It is a crow. I named him Pickles. :D


  2. I helped a lot of pandas new and old during the Music Festival to complete the 7 day quests to Super Stardom!!! When I needed pandas I called out to friends and you all responded so well to help out. I want to thank you all and give everybody a big panda hug!!!

    Panda hugs 2.jpg

    1. DJFang
    2. UrGoodFriend


      Aww, wish there were more cute posts like this 9_9

  3. I got the Zing attitude ;)

    2017-07-19 (2).png

  4. When you have a cool quest


  5. HAPPY 4th OF JULY!!!


  6. Zing works to promote mPandanda when he is away on vacation. 

    Zings ad.png

  7. I met an Astronaut :)

    2017-07-01 (11).png

  8. I remember when Draco cast a spell on me and turned me into a newt. O.o Well I did get better after eating a dozen worms. :P


  9. I had my treehouse all decorated for the Black and Blue day treehouse contest but we didn't have one. So here it is. :D


    1. eggplant80


      nice tree nice decorating :D

  10. Mischievous Morty up to his old tricks. I wanted some nuts so I climbed up the tree. Nice view from up here.


  11. Today I rode on the back of Miss Moo :D

    2017-05-03 (3).png

  12. I had an idea for a room but I couldn't get it finished on time. The first panda space station. I left the floor blank but there could be consoles and chairs, etc.


    1. cleanhimup


      i LOve it because i like space a lot good idea i never thought of that  

  13. Morty

    Quest Ideas Contest Winners

    Thanks for the flying dragon and the shirt. Cant wait to see my quest become available. Can we post more ideas about quests or are you going to have another contest sometime later?
  14. I decided to climb up on the roof and take a nap. ^_^


  15. Morty

    mPandanda - Quest Ideas Contest

    Quest: Joe's wormy problem NPC Panda: Joe at the Fish Pond Start quest: I have a terrible problem! I have to many worms and not enough cans to put them in. Could you help me find 8 cans for all my worms? I would appreciate it. Objective: Find 8 cans for Joe. Place: Bear Hollow, East Market, West Market. Final description: Joe at the Fish Pond - Thanks for getting these cans for me. Now I can put the worms in something other than my coffee cup. *Note: On the other quest I suggested, (Joe's fish fry), you can increase the objective as levels go up. Such as (5 pieces of coal and 3 onions) (5 pieces of coal, 3 onions, and 2 oranges) etc... NPC Panda: Mr Elmhurst Name of the Quest: Furniture Build Project Start Description of the Quest part 1: Talk to Mr Elmhurst - I want to build more furniture items but I am low on supplies. I need wood, nails, and glue. Go to Pawthorne Forrest and find me 5 logs of wood. Objectives to Find: Find 5 logs of wood Place/Places to Find: Pawthorne Forrest Start Description of the Quest part 2: Mr Elmhurst - This wood has a great looking grain. Thank you so much. Now if you can go see Maggie in the barn. She has lots of extra nails that she said I could have. Please bring me some for my furniture build project. Objectives to Find: Get a box of nails Place/Places to Find: Harvest Grove barn Start Description of the Quest part 3: Mr Elmhurst - Thanks for getting me these nails. Now all I need is to get some glue. Steve told me he knows where to find some glue. Start Description of the Quest part 4: Steve - I saw a tube of glue in the Book Nook. Go there and find it and take it to Mr Elmhurst. Objectives to Find: Find a tube of glue Place/Places to Find: Book Nook Final Description of the Quest: Mr Elmhurst - You are such a wonderful panda! Thanks for getting me this glue. Now I can get busy and build a lot of furniture for everybody. Let me give you a reward. Here is a (some furniture item) for your tree.