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  1. Awesome Party in Ice Cream Shop come see the special visitor :D my biggest IDOL! 

  2. cleanhimup

    mPandanda - Fan Art Contest

    Here i am back with new adventures. Can't wait to see you guys in mpandanda. With morew puns
  3. Breaking news since I have returned to mpandanda  and i am doing good now. I must ask  should i continue doing punny frydays or should i do a knew one like would u rather questions every Wednesday? Reply to this telling me which one i should do. 

    Thank you! 

  4. hi everybody i am getting better from my sympathy. I saw my backround at the shop i am happy thank u for putting it there it looks great an d i really like the other ones. 

    Congrats to sherman the contest winner the stars themed one is really great :D 

    Be back pretty soon, signed cleanhimup

    ps: maybe next week :D 

  5. Dear pandas, 

    it has come to my great grief that i may not get on mpandanda much anymore because of family depression. I am sorry ill try to change this is summer but until then i am having a hard time as my grandpa pased away a few weeks ago :( :(

    Thank you guys, Cleanhimup 

    1. Rubi


      I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you will get better. :) 

    2. cleanhimup
    3. DJFang


      My condolences. Feel better soon!

  6. cleanhimup

    Background Contest

    i worked hard on this i love it do you? btw this is gonna be similar to the painting i am doing for my mom on mothers day/ birthday. My mom birthday is day after mother's day
  7. Today is a gloomy day so I wont be doing punny fryday today :( 

  8. since yesterday was earth day i have some special puns just for the special day. :D First what do u call a bottle on the ground 

    a re cycle ble 

    what do u call Cleanhimup on earth day? 

    a Clean the trash up guy

    My puns arent good cause i used them all lol i gonna have to make better ones up lets keep Earth clean 2017!

    :D have a good weekend!



  9. Hey guys guess whose back? CLEANHIMUP! yes i had an amazing trip i hope u enjoyed your vacation away from me. See yhall on mpandanda.

    1. Rubi


      Welcome back! :) We will have various of events and contests.

    2. cleanhimup


      thank u rubi :D 

  10. Punny Fryday for 2 Frydays i am missing next one causde on vacation. Sorry. Have you ever heard of A guy named Clean/ I like to say he has very Clean language for his name. Read Poem Below

    Once there was a kechchup bottle it once metup with a turkey the turkey say put catch up on me so the ketchup did so he did so then the turkey said be back going for 360 degrees.The ketchup was comfused UNTIL he heard an oven turn on ad the turkey got cooked alive and die. R.I.P Turkey.... on ThanksGiving was a great big juicy Turkey.

    The  end love u guys Punny Frydays will be back on April 14, 2017. Bye will miss u all. 

  11. Punny Fryday The best puns of the our or do i mean the day mccyD's left their drive throu because its not thursday anymore. Knock knock whos there? Typing typing who? typing a letter to u saying happy FRUDAY TO ALL AND ALL A GOOD NIGHT! :) 

  12. sheriff steele please know that i am your #1 fan ever :) and i would love to meet u 

  13. If you guys dont know already i am sheriff's steele's biggest fan. This is soo true because i remember when i was little play original pandanda hoping to see the sheriff. And i never met him yet so i hope one day i can meet him. He a great sheriff and hope he remembers me if i ever met him cause i might of forgotten. I think i may but i was very little had small memory. Clean on :D  

  14. Hey guys time for punny fryday? I love the buns especially the tasty buns. I  also am tooo flighten by youuuuu. Haoppy Fryday with them Catch up. :D 

  15. Happy Punny Fryday! Lets start this fresh like real smooth and take it slow.  I wasnt originally going to get a braIN transplant but then i changed my mind. I'd tell you a chemistry joke but i know i wont get a reaction. Knock Knock 

    who's there? 


    fry who?