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  1. hi panda friends,

    Today was had costume event!!!!!!!!!!!! 🧙🏼‍♀️🧙🏼‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🧛🏼‍♂️🧜🏼‍♀️

    We fished, we voted for best outfits, played ghost catch and did a few riddles then had a giveaway of 700 coins.

    That was the highlights of the event

    cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁

    costume event july 2018 1.png

    costume event july 2018 2.png

    costume event july 2018 3.png

  2. hi panda friends,

    Today we had level 10 event on palm server!!!!!!!! 🏝️

    We played some fashion shows, we went and saw the new community center 👍🏼

    The new community center looks awesome a new NPC named Max will have the gold catalog and will have a donating/trading in the community center soon and have snacks and drinks in there, I like the blue fish in the floor and the place for our pets. The new community center will be a great place to hang out. And we are getting a new game in the room soon 😁

    We had a giveaway of the white level shirt as seen on my player card.

    I hope everyone liked the event cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊

    level 10 event 1.png

    level 10 event 2.png

    level 10 event 3.png

    level 10 event 4.png

  3. 👻 🐰 Today we had game day!!!!!!!!!!!! 👻🐰,

    @DJFang hosted the event because there werent any community managers on.

    We played ghost catch, bunny chase, then we talked to @DJFang about gaming, did fashions shows themes were summer and gaming, played guess the lyrics, then we did Q and A about the upcoming sailors festival then had 2 giveaways of blue bunny sweater and purple flannel shirt 😄

    The event was fun we all were very glad to see @DJFang cya on mpd 🐼 😁


    game day with fang 1.png

    game day with fang 2.png

    game day with fang 3.png

    game day with fang 4.png

    game day with fang 5.png

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    2. LoveSabina


      Awww . It seemed cool . Now i feel bad for not being there

    3. DJFang


      @LoveSabina Don't worry - I'll try hosting more events whenever I can!

    4. LoveSabina
  4. hi panda friends,

    Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🇺🇸 🎆 🎇 ✨ 🎉

    Today we had Fourth of July event 😄

    We played fashion shows, had a giveaway of Uncle Sam's Hat as seen on my player card, played hide and seek.

    Those were the highlights of the event, cya pandas on mpd 😉 🎉 🎇


    fourth of july 2018 1.png

    fourth of july 2018 2.png

    fourth of july 2018 3.png

    fourth of july 2018 4.png

    fourth of july 2018 5.png

    1. Bethi


      Happy 4th of July!🎆✨🎉

    2. eggplant80


      Happy 4th of July!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🎉 🎇 😘

  5. hi pandas,

    Today we had summer color event pandas dressed in light blue, pink and yellow 😁

    We played fashion shows on palm island with light blue color then starfish island with yellow color then coconut beach with pink color, and as a giveaway we got the yellow plane shirt 😎

    the event was fun I hope you guys like your new shirt, cya on mpd 😃

    summer color event 1.png

    summer color event 2.png

    summer color event 3.png

    summer color event 4.png

    summer color event 5.png

    summer color event 6.png

    1. Bethi


      great job i love ur pics 😘

    2. eggplant80


      thx baby the event was fun 😃 😉 😘

  6. hi panda friends,

    Today I got too level 110 on quests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Five more levels then I'm level 115 😄

    Happy questing 🤩

    eggplant80 level 110.png

  7.  hi panda friends, 🐴 🦄 

    Today we had horse event, everyone rode horses, ponies or unicorns.

    If you want to buy a unicorn you can buy one from Lily 😁

    At the event we played hide and seek and giveaway of dark blue unicorn as seen on the pictures below.

    The event was lots of fun cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    horse event 1.png

    horse event 2.png

    horse event 3.png

    horse event 4.png

    horse event 5.png

    horse event 6.png

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    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie i like the color of this unicorn 😘 😍 🦄

    3. Suzukipb10


      great unicorn party photos eggplant80 

    4. eggplant80
  8. hi panda friends,

    Today we had black and white event!!!!!!!!!!! ⚽ 🦓 ♠️ 🖤 ♣️⚫ 🐜 🐼👻🏁🐄🎹

    We talked about colors, about black and white facts, we played ghost catch 👻, played fashion shows and we got a white cat ear hoody as a giveaway.

    The event was lots of fun see you on mpd 😄 😁

    black and white event june 2018 1.png

    black and white event june 2018 2.png

    black and white event june 2018 3.png

    black and white event june 2018 4.png

    black and white event june 2018 5.png

    1. Bethi


      Great job 🙂 I love ur pics 😘

    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie 😘 😍

  9. hi panda friends,

    Today we had a football event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ⚽ 😃 

    We did riddles with a football theme, then we did fashion shows with a football theme, then we played football with @Panda being the football, then we accidently got the green mod shirt it was supposed to be a guitar shirt and @DJFang made a surprise visit at the event everyone was happy too see him 😄

    those were the highlights of the event cya cool panda on mpd 😎 🐼

    football event 1.png

    football event 2.png

    football event 3.png

    football event 4.png

    1. Bethi


      Good job honey 🤗

    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie 😘 😍

  10. hi pandas,

    Today we had summer fashion show event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🌺🌻🐞🐝☀️

    We played fashion show in many different places on mpd like orchard, coconut beach, pawthorne forest and the barn.

    When I won for the white theme I got too choose the next theme and I chose red and purple and @RikaFPDN won, the winners of the fashion shows got 300 coins and at the end of the event everyone got 300 coins 😃

    We all had alot of fun at the fashion show event cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    summer fashion show 1.png

    summer fashion show 2.png

    summer fashion show 3.png

    summer fashion show 4.png

    summer fashion show 5.png

    1. Bethi


      the event was great :)))

  11. hi panda friends,

    On mPandanda the football festival has begun ⚽

    You can get football clothes at Lily in bear hollow and football related furniture from Mr. Elmhurst at west market street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Coach has prizes for you at Harvest Grove, you can get the prizes when you collect enough footballs as seen in the picture below 🎖️⚽

    Have fun at the football festival, football festival is a brand new festival that was never seen on original Pandanda the administrators did an awesome job with this festival its very unique, I hope that you all have fun collecting the footballs and getting your prizes. 😄

    cya cool pandas on mpd 😎 😉

    football festival 1.png

    football festival 2.png

    football festival 4.png

    football festival 3.png

    football festival 5.png

    1. Bethi


      nice pics honey 😘

    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie 😘

  12. hi pandas,

    Today we had a visit from @zing and @Sheriff Steele, @zing gave us a brand new potion that turned us into these awesome dragons, we talked about what we would like to see on mpd (new gold items in Lily's gold catalog, upcoming festivals and what new festivals we would like too see on mpd) then Sheriff came and @FluffyDash tried out the new game upcoming on mpd but I was the first too play it its a very fun game everyone will like it.

    I hope that everyone enjoyed the visit with Zing and Sheriff cya on mpd 🐼 😄

    zing visit 1.png

    zing visit 2.png

    zing visit 3.png

    zing visit 4.png

    zing visit 5.png

    zing visit 6.png

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    2. eggplant80
    3. Bethi


      yay was a fun meeting 🙂😉 

    4. eggplant80


      yes we had lots of fun with Zing 😉😍 

  13. hi panda friends,

    Today we had tree house event contest and the pandas that participated in the contest decorated their tree houses in a summer theme. 🏖️ 🏝️ 🌞

    We did one fashion show the theme was home but noone really understood that theme then we had tree house contest and the winner is Carmelutza!!!!!!!!!! She won the pd winner rug.

    that was the event I hope everyone had fun at the event cya on mpd 🐼 😉

    th event june 2018 1.png

    th event june 2018 2.png

    th event june 2018 3.png

    th event june 2018 4.png

    1. Panda


      @FluffyDash understand the home theme and other too then 😄

    2. Bethi


      cool pics 🙂 good job honey 😘

    3. eggplant80


      thx sweetie 😍 😘

  14. 🧥 hi panda friends, 👕

    Today we had shirt day event!!!!!!!!!!

    We all wore our favorite shirt. played fashion shows, bunny catch and when we were playing bunny catch @DJFang made a rare appearance at the event everyone said hi to him and then he left, then we played hide and seek then we had giveaway of lime green shirt.

    I hope everyone had fun at the event cya on mpd 😄 😉

    shirt day 1.png

    shirt day 2.png

    shirt day 3.png

    shirt day 4.png

    shirt day 5.png

    1. Bethi


      awesome 😘😉

    2. eggplant80


      thx sweetie 😍😄

  15. Hi panda friends,

    Today I got to level 105 on quests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    And I got those 2 player card backgrounds from Questy since I got to level 105 😃

    Ten more levels to go then I'll be level 115 😉, I can't wait until level 4 quest pack comes out I'm looking forward to do doing the new quests 👍

    Happy questing and cya on mpd 🐼 😄


    eggplant80 level 105.png

    eggplant80 level 105 1st bg.png

    eggplant80 level 105 2nd bg.png