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  1. hi pandas,

    Today was spring hat event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We did fast typer alot of times,then fashion shows then sadly mpd lost connection noone could get on this is the only picture that I have of the event.

    Now mpd is fixed :D we get on mpd again

    Next event is white color day on Tuesday the 17th of April cya all of you pandas at the event. :D B|

    spring hat event 1.png

    1. FluffyDash


      Just attaching some more pics :D5ad3736075cdf_asdasfsdfretsyrutesrdgtfhygjukil.png.b392c2cb03046c1fb4e95c73010e829c.png5ad3735848672_asdasfsdf.png.b3e501b337ca268b92478b1eb021a717.png5ad3735d8ce9b_asdasfsdfretsyrut.png.377cb37d1977decf9445f606fe7476c3.png

    2. eggplant80