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  1. Ahoy mateys,

    Today was the last quest of the pirate journey!!!!!!!!!!

    Pierre has the quest on lighthouse island, the land far far away is between Bear Hollow and Shady Glen under the water and the island is a little desert the new island looks awesome it looks like a real desert.

    After you dig up the treasure chest you click on Pierre you get a red eyepatch with mpd on it and, 20 gold and 5000 coins and alot of Panda Power 😃

    I enjoyed doing all the pirate quests I hope that you did too, cya pirate pandas on mpd 😎 😀

    pirate last quest 1.png

    pirate last quest 2.png

    pirate last quest 3.png

    pirate last quest 4.png

    1. pandi44563


      How u get pierre background

    2. DJFang


      Glad you've liked it!

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