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  1. hi panda friends,

    Today was Pierre's last visit too mpd and Sheriff came to say good-bye to Pierre too.

    We played many games like ghost and bunny catch, guess the song, fashion shows.

    We all had lots of fun with Pierre we will all miss him 🙁

    We got gold as a giveaway and some coins.

    Have a safe journey Pierre, hopefully you will come visit us sometime in the future 😃

    cya cool pandas on mpd 😎

    pierre last visit 1.png

    pierre last visit 2.png

    pierre last visit 3.png

    pierre last visit 4.png

    pierre last visit 5.png

    pierre last visit 6.png

    pierre last visit 7.png

    1. Bethi


      yay was a fun party 😘

    2. eggplant80


      yes it was fun seeing Pierre we had fun with him 😀 😘