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  1. Hey Pandas!!! As you know,Today is the Pet Color Vote! Vote new Pet colors and if your color wings good luck if not next year....... Have Fun Voting Colors!

  2. Hey Pandas! We Know That In 3 Days The Pirate Journey Will End Be Quick And Do All Quests Before Time Runs 🙂

  3. Last Part Of Event It Was Awesome!203579198_Play-mPandanda-YourFavoritePandaGame!-GoogleChrome31_7_201816_02_18.thumb.png.e8caa9dc8b190819e5e13d8db92b38c4.png

  4. Saying Arrrrr With Pierre53189827_Play-mPandanda-YourFavoritePandaGame!-GoogleChrome31_7_201815_05_00.thumb.png.4ddc5bb950adc5299a2057c463974a7e.png

  5. Pierre Is Here!1041897145_Play-mPandanda-YourFavoritePandaGame!-GoogleChrome31_7_201815_01_05.thumb.png.c2bda472c886eb82121c5e07afd3a54b.png

    1. PapaJohn
    2. pandi44563


      U missed it water 😞

  6. Thanks DJFang For The Status Poster Reward!

  7. Yes They Told Me To Give An Farewell To  Pirate Journey Journal There Will Be An Giveaway And @Pierre Will Come To Visit Us! 🙂 

    Edited by pandi44563
    NOT farewell of festival and i forgot to add pirate XD
    1. DJFang


      The festival doesn't end tomorrow, it ends on August 8.

    2. pandi44563



      okk i mean journey ends

  8. Pandi The Reindeer

    Play - mPandanda - Your Favorite Panda Game! - Google Chrome 30_7_2018 20_59_01.png

  9. Help Me DJFang When i want to connect i lost the conenction all the times please help me :(

    1. ludwig123


      Sometimes that happens to me too!

      Try to reload your browser, and try a few more times

    2. pandi44563
    3. ludwig123
  10. Hi Guys! i will tell you a secret......... :ph34r: well,im form a country named Argentina i really talk spanish.So it's spring in my cuntry tell me what season it's in your cuntry!                                                 PD Pandi.


    1. Luuvy



    2. pandi44563
  11. Hi,DJFang im muted forever so can u unmute me please

    1. DJFang
    2. pandi44563


      ahh Radar guess my password but i created pandi with hotmail and i dont use hotmail i want to change the mail pl help me DJFang:(:(:(

    3. DJFang


      Just do it through the forums. Click your name on the top, then account settings and then Email.