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  1. Good afternoon everyone so today we had the level 10 event party and we got to see the new updated Community Center/ have an after party. I like the drink table setup and a little place for our pet dragons to hang out. 🦈

     What going on?

    • Max will sell panda gold items from now on instead of Lily
    • Activities- such as meeting the mods/ a place to hang out and where you can hang out in the after party with mods/ pandas
    • Mini-events- different themes for the Community Center room and currently a summer theme with shark chairs

                                              Coming Soon

    • Donation for your panda clothes (I think that might be the panda chest or maybe we can buy stuff from there)
    • Food (snacks) and Drinks- an action that we will get to use just like the ice cream

    Mpd players suggested that we should have the fish make sounds such as saying glub glub (probably like the sound we had on April Fools day) and to say fishy. Another suggestion was to have a bar with drinks but maybe instead it could be a small room restaurant for food/ drinks .

    Community Center.PNG

    if we added sounds to our fish.PNG

  2. Tammy Tomato must really enjoy tomato's a lot since her last name has tomato in it. 😄 The mpd tomato plant looks so tiny/ nice shaking animation for the plant too. 🍅

    harvest tomato.PNG

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  3. harvesting some corn🌽


  4. Hey pandas, since the quest pack 4 officially started today I thought I would share the photo from Jim's quest What Lurks in the Night, it's really fun to play and mysterious that we get a new ghost.👻

    evil ghost.PNG

    • check out Lily's store if you haven't gotten a white unicorn yet 
    • pictures from the horse day party but it turned into a unicorn party mostly XD
    • thanks @Panda for hosting the event I had fun😀
    • up close pictures of our giveaway blue unicorn and the one we can buy 

    unicorn day.PNG

    unicorn day 2.PNG

    blue unicorn.PNG

    white unicorn.PNG

    1. FluffyDash


      Awesome photos 👍😉

  5. A nice day to celebrate the half of our quests in pack 4 and to have a horse day party as well. (anyone excited for today?)🐴🦄🐎



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  6. From our Black and White Day event party everyone had a fun time and the giveaway item was the White Cat Ear Hoodie. (nice black and white outfits during the fashion show too) So here is a edit of the white cat hoodie although I wasn't able to get the cat face fully white.  🐼😃 

    cat pic.PNG

    1. PapaJohn


      Cool Nose and an awesome background! 🙂 


  7. Hello Sports fans, today we are reporting about the football festival where we can collect footballs to earn some great prizes such as uniforms, in Bear Hollow Lily is selling some sport shirts and it's a nice way to catch up on them. (football, basketball, soccer aka football and more)⚽ Even around mpd we can spot some flag sport teams. I recommend checking the nice sport music in Bear Hollow and Pawthorne Forest.

    Fact 1: It is believed that Britain used the term soccer and most of America uses the word soccer instead of football

    Fact 2: The majority of the countries around the world they would use the term football

    Thanks  @DJFang and @Rubi for working hard on this festival




    the football game.PNG

    Edited by Suzukipb10
    1. PapaJohn


      Great Photos! 👍🙂 

  8. Hey everybody welcome back to MPD News with You #2, my name is Suzuki and I'm here to update you on our summer news.


    What’s going on?

    In the last week we were told that our mpd blog and homepage would get a whole new change. Then on May 30th/ 31st we got a new summertime clothing, furniture and summer theme for the blog/ login page.

     After a week goes by then it's Monday which was a water day hang out event party which looked fun from the photos taken. (short video clip to celebrate water day)🥤💧

    As for today the official summer refresh is here for the online game, as eggplant80 posted we have new clothing from Lily which looks awesome with the two different mpd logos and the paint splatter shirts. (we will get a new game to play in the future which is really exciting I can't wait)

    What fun things are there to do?

    1. try out new ice cream flavors🍦🍨

    2. take photos with friends

    3. decorate your treehouse with a summer theme

    4. have a fun disco ball party

    5. relax by the sand🏖️🏝️

    6. wait for the upcoming event parties

    7. try bombpop popsicles or snow cones🍧

    8. dress up the same as Steve XD 

    Thank you for joining in.


    summer news.JPG

    summer logo.JPG

    summer refresh new changes 1.JPG

    summer refresh new changes 2.JPG

    summer refresh places 1.JPG

    summer refresh places 2.JPG

    summer refresh places 3.JPG

    light show.gif

    disco parties.JPG

    summer refresh.JPG

    summer ice cream.JPG

    ice cream 2.JPG

    two Steves.JPG

    tasty treats.JPG

    1. Karrin


      Great pics, I love the update 🙂

    2. FluffyDash


      Cool review 👍😁 

    3. PapaJohn


      Awesome Photos 🙂 

  9. Surfs up pandas, so a while back me and PapaJohn made posts about ping-pong and for today we got to meet up for photos/ such a silly day today. During our time we got to relax on the sand for a sunset, have a cook out and chill by the sandy shore chairs. In addition to our ping-pong game it was hard to tell who won since the dragons distracted us but oh well. (scuba diving for fish but.. oh noooo a shark came along) PapaJohn and I are really excited for the summer updates and events. (the updates on discordapp look great/ the new logos and how we might have a sand quest for the quest pack four) 

    cook out.gif

    summer is coming.JPG

    dragons be crazy today.JPG

    funny reactions.JPG

    can't wait for the summer updates.JPG

    scuba diving to see fish.JPG


    1. PapaJohn


      Great Photos like usually. 👍 😃 @Suzukipb10 

    2. FluffyDash


      Pics look fresh and I want summer to come sooner 🤩

  10. Bird watching safari on the treehouse top and finding a woodpecker🐦

    bird watching.PNG

    bird watching 2.PNG

    1. PapaJohn


      Awesome pic! 

  11. For Saturday we had a mpd friendship event party,  everyone looked like they had a great time, and I like the wedding outfits pandas put together. In our event we could find a partner to work as a teammate in the fashion show, bunny catch and in decorating the treehouse. I got to be partners with @FabiRivas, in the bunny catch game FabiRivas got first place and later on she got it again/ great teamwork skills. (we became friends as well) This is the highlights of the fashion show and the treehouse contest. 

    Fashion Show:

    💍Wedding theme: winners of round 1 @PapaJohn and @Andreea2120

    🍿Cinema theme: winners of round 2 @inumimi and @aileen

    🌳Treehouse: The theme to decorate it was red and white

    Winners of round: @andrea07003 and @lizzie005


    wedding theme.JPG

    second theme cinema.JPG

    rounds in friendship.JPG

    teamwork treehouse.JPG

    treehouse winner visit.JPG

    showing hearts for mpd.JPG

    1. PapaJohn


      Great photos 😎🙂

  12. Aloha pandas, in today's post I got to visit @FluffyDash, we got to meetup to play our ping-pong game, we became friends and both enjoyed a nice game. As we were preparing for our coconut beach photos we stumbled upon a jellyfish visitor. It looks like the dragon pets were part of the crowd seeing who would win and FluffyDash won the ping-pong round but it was close to a tie almost. 🏓🏓🐚🏖️  

    ping-pong round.gif


    mpd in summer.JPG

    ping pong.JPG

    quest photo.JPG

    ready to play ping-pong.JPG


    the meetup for ping-pong.JPG

    we are prepared for ping-pong.JPG

    Edited by Suzukipb10
    1. FluffyDash


      Nice photos! I enjoyed our plays a lot 😁

    2. Suzukipb10


      don't forget your summer trophy @FluffyDash🏆

      the win of a game gj FluffyDash.JPG

  13. For Thursday I was planning on doing a tbt (Throw Back Thursday) but I didn't get to so instead it's a tbf. When we had the Space event party in June/ July, the special emoji made for the theme and when we still had the old newspaper. (fun event)🌌

    moon fest recap 1.JPG

    moon fest recap 2.JPG

    moon fest recap 3.JPG

    moon fest recap 4.JPG

    moon fest recap 5.JPG

    moon fest recap 6.JPG

    1. FluffyDash


      OMG It looks amazing! If only I'd played mPD that time. 

  14. I like bulldogs so I thought I would share this photo I found online.🐶 




    Winnii and Dozer.PNG

    baby winnii.PNG