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  1. Bird watching safari on the treehouse top and finding a woodpecker🐦

    bird watching.PNG

    bird watching 2.PNG

  2. For Saturday we had a mpd friendship event party,  everyone looked like they had a great time, and I like the wedding outfits pandas put together. In our event we could find a partner to work as a teammate in the fashion show, bunny catch and in decorating the treehouse. I got to be partners with @FabiRivas, in the bunny catch game FabiRivas got first place and later on she got it again/ great teamwork skills. (we became friends as well) This is the highlights of the fashion show and the treehouse contest. 

    Fashion Show:

    💍Wedding theme: winners of round 1 @PapaJohn and @Andreea2120

    🍿Cinema theme: winners of round 2 @inumimi and @aileen

    🌳Treehouse: The theme to decorate it was red and white

    Winners of round: @andrea07003 and @lizzie005


    wedding theme.JPG

    second theme cinema.JPG

    rounds in friendship.JPG

    teamwork treehouse.JPG

    treehouse winner visit.JPG

    showing hearts for mpd.JPG

  3. Aloha pandas, in today's post I got to visit @FluffyDash, we got to meetup to play our ping-pong game, we became friends and both enjoyed a nice game. As we were preparing for our coconut beach photos we stumbled upon a jellyfish visitor. It looks like the dragon pets were part of the crowd seeing who would win and FluffyDash won the ping-pong round but it was close to a tie almost. 🏓🏓🐚🏖️  

    ping-pong round.gif


    mpd in summer.JPG

    ping pong.JPG

    quest photo.JPG

    ready to play ping-pong.JPG


    the meetup for ping-pong.JPG

    we are prepared for ping-pong.JPG

    Edited by Suzukipb10
    1. FluffyDash


      Nice photos! I enjoyed our plays a lot 😁

    2. Suzukipb10


      don't forget your summer trophy @FluffyDash🏆

      the win of a game gj FluffyDash.JPG

  4. For Thursday I was planning on doing a tbt (Throw Back Thursday) but I didn't get to so instead it's a tbf. When we had the Space event party in June/ July, the special emoji made for the theme and when we still had the old newspaper. (fun event)🌌

    moon fest recap 1.JPG

    moon fest recap 2.JPG

    moon fest recap 3.JPG

    moon fest recap 4.JPG

    moon fest recap 5.JPG

    moon fest recap 6.JPG

    1. FluffyDash


      OMG It looks amazing! If only I'd played mPD that time. 

  5. I like bulldogs so I thought I would share this photo I found online.🐶 




    Winnii and Dozer.PNG

    baby winnii.PNG

  6. 👻just two ghosts floating around👻

    ghost buddies.PNG

  7. The Pet play actions and with my dragons commentary.😴💤🔥🎵 (part two) If it goes to fast while watching the gif I apologize for that but I did try slowing it down a bit. During the dragon dance gif I didn't have time to edit what it would say but it would probably be along the lines of... "omg check out these moves" "tap that left foot, jump around and tap that right foot" "I could dance all day long" "I need more music" "why isn't anyone else dancing" "This is my jam"😔 

    pet actions.PNG

    Dragon dance.gif



    Edited by Suzukipb10
  8. The Pet play actions and with my dragons commentary.🐲 (part one)

    Pet Actions Part 1 (if pet dragons could talk).PNG

    Edited by Suzukipb10
  9. No matter where I go to save the citizens I always remember my original home in Ohio but to tell you the truth it just seems like I'm a traveler.

        Another hero post but this time I made it for my friend @PapaJohn I thought it would be nice to add in the smashed background to fit in with the Hulk post he made and to show the other version of Hulk in the comics.


    Lego Hulk



    1. PapaJohn


      @Suzukipb10 I love it! Thank you for making this post. :D 👍

    2. Suzukipb10


      you're welcome and happy to hear that you like the post @PapaJohn🙂

  10. My dragon pets can get crazy sometimes....😒🤪😤


    Inspired by Stewie



    crazy afternoon.PNG

  11. When Gotham needs a hero...🦇


    The song is sorta catchy or mostly just at the nananana 





  12. In today's post I made another parody into a dragon version and if you want to see the original inspiration video look in the spoilers.  (sorry if my gif maker shows a green screen it sometimes does that😦)


    Markiplier's videos are funny XD🎮


    pet walking.gif

    After Many... Days.PNG

    1. PapaJohn


      That gif is pretty cool :D The dragon parody is funny too, I just love it. :) Good Job!! :D 

    2. FluffyDash


      You're just like an idea generator 😃

  13. Part 2: This is the Gucci ad or magazine issue. 🤔

    gucci ad.PNG

    Edited by Suzukipb10
  14. I thought it would be kinda interesting to attempt a parody comic strip about Gucci. During our events I see outfits with the bunny slippers or when we have fashion shows. (pandas have a great fashion style and to create a new trend)👗👠🛍️


    1. FluffyDash


      Omg you're so creative. I like it 👍

    2. PapaJohn


      I love it :D 

  15. A short Tribute to the Energizer Bunny and for the games/ stuff that require batteries. (energizer batteries as well of course) I like the commercials so hip hip hooray.9_9



    meeting the Energy Bunny.PNG

    1. PapaJohn


      Nice editing :D