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  1. Good afternoon everyone so today we had the level 10 event party and we got to see the new updated Community Center/ have an after party. I like the drink table setup and a little place for our pet dragons to hang out. 🦈

     What going on?

    • Max will sell panda gold items from now on instead of Lily
    • Activities- such as meeting the mods/ a place to hang out and where you can hang out in the after party with mods/ pandas
    • Mini-events- different themes for the Community Center room and currently a summer theme with shark chairs

                                              Coming Soon

    • Donation for your panda clothes (I think that might be the panda chest or maybe we can buy stuff from there)
    • Food (snacks) and Drinks- an action that we will get to use just like the ice cream

    Mpd players suggested that we should have the fish make sounds such as saying glub glub (probably like the sound we had on April Fools day) and to say fishy. Another suggestion was to have a bar with drinks but maybe instead it could be a small room restaurant for food/ drinks .

    Community Center.PNG

    if we added sounds to our fish.PNG