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  1. I love the Easter update and the collectable eggs . I would like to see special Easter Ice Cream , like the special Easter potion . :D

  2. Will you add a new ice cream taste like cherry , strawberry and cgocolate , cotton candy ,orange or lemon . Also will you add another types of food that you can pay for and pick up like the ice cream ( Some ideas : chineese food , cotton candy , pizza , fries , bananas ,water bottles or cookies . It will be cool if you make a whole new room with " Resturant " theme where users will be able to purchese food as in real resturants . And can you make another games like horse racing or cloud jumping ? 

    1. DJFang


      Thanks for the ideas! The team is working hard on new content and I can't promise for now which of your suggestions will be made a reality, though you'll be seeing indeed some new ice cream flavors.