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    1. Morty


      Thanks for all the hard work you did over these past 2 years. Hope your future is full of wonderment. :D

  2. mPandanda Anniversary Week Schedule

    2 years ago on February 12th, mPandanda opened to the public and that makes the game the longest Pandanda private server ever exist. Open the link to see our schedule for the next 7 days, when the mPandanda 2nd Week celebration is out.


  3. Hi Pandas,

    Join the 2018 mPandanda Survey to help us improve the game.

  4. Snowmen Treehouse Contest started! Want to join? Read more:



    Other Blog articles published recently: https://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=628 - Apology message about the new event rules

    https://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=630 - March of the Snowmen

    https://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=634 - February 2018 Calendar update!

  5. Apology message about the new event rules that I applied last week. (sent in our Discord server)Screenshot_30.png


  6. The chatbox is disabled due to low activity. You can chat with other mPandas in our Discord server. 

    Invite 1

    Invite 2

  7. Hey Pandas. As you might know, there was a Game Day event today on December 18th. Due to the updates we were working on in the last moment, the event didn't happen. We apologize that we didn't announced earlier that the Game Day is postponed for Thursday, 20th December at 11 AM mPandanda Time. Make sure to tell your Panda friends!

  8. Hi Pandas,

    Hope you enjoy Pumpkin Festival! There are so many clothes available for you, including the Light Black Panda Color which can you wear after the removal of the color command. xD

    But let's not forget that you can get some spooky furnitures for your treehouse. So if you already didn't decorate your treehouse for the festival, it's the time to do it. And I did that. What do you think? :D


  9. Follow That Arrow Contest - Day 10!!! http://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=566

    You can now send your entries  until the deadline mentioned in the blog post. Good luck!

    The email you should send your entry is rubimir@mpandanda.eu

  10. Our official Instagram profile!


    There you will see daily pictures from mPandanda, events, festivals and all that is interesting for you! You may also send us pics that you like and that are related to mPandanda and they may appear on Instagram!

  11. Happy 8th Anniversary Pandanda!

    Learn more about this day and how the mPandanda community will celebrate it plus the 9th arrow of the Follow That Arrow Contest.


  12. Join our first Trivia contest that will occurr in our Discord server. We will post more information about it when there are enough Pandas joined. There will be a prize. xDhttps://discord.gg/JPYxsST If your friends are interested in this contest, share this link to them.

  13. Pictures of the Ghost Potion Day event! It was such an awesome hour with all of you. :D

    Don't forget to attend the next event. It's going to be really special. We'll celebrate the eight anniversary of the classic Pandanda. It might be closed, but it's still in our hearts and without you, mPandanda wouldn't be a reality. :)

    Sheriff and Zing as a classic characters on Pandanda will host this event. It will be two hours and it will be on the servers Willow and Aspen. The first hour will be hosted by Zing as you decided on the Discord server in server Willow and the other hour by Sheriff in server Aspen.

    The giveaway item will be given on server Aspen and it's going to be very beautiful and special item so don't miss this event on October 24th at 11am mPandanda Time.

    mPandanda Time is actually Pacific Standard Time (PST). You can check your local time when our events start by clicking on this really helpful link. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?p1=217&iso=20171019T11&msg=mPandanda Events Time&sort=1

    See you on mPandanda! Get ready for Pumpkin Festival. 10 more days!









  14. Hi Pandas! Here is what's coming up next this October and November. ---- OCTOBER EVENTS ---- October 20th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Pumpkin Day event - You can dress your Panda in orange, or if you have the pumpkin costume, as a pumpkin! October 21th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Ghost Potion Day event - Let's have a spOoOoOoky party on mPandanda! (On this day you can earn double coins on The Ghosts of Misty Hill October 23th - New Zing Prize! October 24th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Classic Pandanda Anniversary event - On this day, the classic Pandanda turns 8-year-old. It might be closed, but it's still in our hearts. If you love Pandanda, attend this event. October 28th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Costume Day event - Are you ready with your Halloween outfit? Show it up on Costume Day. The best outfit wins! October 30th - Zing is leaving - Zing is leaving on a holiday during Pumpkin Festival, but he may still visit to celebrate with friends! October 30th - Discount Day - A day before Pumpkin Festival, get discount on ANY item in mPandanda, which is 15% during this day! October 31th - November 14th - PUMPKIN FESTIVAL - Get the spook! Pumpkin Festival begins! (and Pumpkin Festival quests) October 31th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Halloween Party event - Let's celebrate Halloween and the beginning of Pumpkin Festival! ---- NOVEMBER EVENTS (more events will be added soon, be patient) ---- November 1st - November 2nd - Day of the Dead - Day of the Dead is a time of celebration and honor in remembrance of friends and family members who have died. Come celebrate and receive a free gift! November 20th - November 26th - Thanksgiving Week - Spend extra time with your Pandanda friends, and talk about the things you are thankful for. November 20th - Zing is Back - Zing is coming back with a new prize! November 24th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Thanksgiving Day event - Attend this event and talk about the things you are thankful for playing mPandanda. November 24th - Black Friday - IT'S BLACK FRIDAY! Get discount on ANY item in mPandanda, which is 50% during this day! November 27th - New Zing Prize! ---- PLANNED EVENTS ON DECEMBER ---- Snow in mPandanda Land Winter Festival Christmas Treehouse Contest Holiday events ...and much much more!!! Join our Discord server! Talk with our community! https://discord.gg/hh5HHYu Make sure to tell your Panda friends about this! They need to have fun on mPandanda. * mPandanda Time is actually Pacific Standard Time. You can check your local time when our events start here. You can share the link to everyone! https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=mPandanda+Events+Time&iso=20171019T11&p1=217
  15. Hi Panda Pals! Are you ready for Arrow #4 in the Follow That Arrow Contest? Ready or not, here it is! See Arrow #4