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  1. Rubi

    Panda Color Vote 2018

    Hi everyone, Do you remember last September when we had panda color vote? Then, you chose Red Wine and became a prize during Harvest Festival 2017. Hooray! Now it’s time for another color vote. Click here to vote
  2. Screenshot_3.png

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    2. Suzukipb10


      I think Rubi named it water if you were trying to read the turquoise one? @PapaJohn 🤔

    3. PapaJohn


      yeah, that the one. Thank you @Suzukipb10


    4. Rubi


      Yep, it's Water. 😄 

  3. 😴


    1. PapaJohn


      Look at all those little savages.

  4. Hi everyone! To note down, drinks and snacks are coming in the new Community Center soon, so the bar isn't just a decoration. Once it comes out, the bar will be a little bit updated and a new NPC panda will be there.

    Donating/trading system is also coming soon. Stay tuned for more information in the blog and our Discord server.

    Read more about the renovated center here: https://blog.mpandanda.eu/?p=921

    We hope we'll hang out more often there. 

  5. Mario and Wario! 🏰 🍄 @BlazeScreenshot_30.png


    1. PapaJohn


      What a lit pic! 😄 

    2. Rubi


      Definitely! 😄

    3. DJFang


      Miss me?

  6. Submit an idea in the comment form of the post about what should be added or improved in Community Center in order to win 1000 coins and 1 panda gold. Yes, every person submitted an idea gets the prize. 😄

    Read more here: 


  7. Hi there pandas, You might have noticed the locked door in Bear Hollow. Yes, the one that leads to Community Center. There’s nothing to worry, the center isn’t closing, even if it’s not really visited by us. You probably feel strange every time when you visit a location that is always empty. And you’re probably surprised when you see someone there. Well we are about to change that. (Click here to see what will happen with Community Center)
  8. Still V.I.P. here. 🤔

  9. An interesting poll ^^

  10. My blog is coming back soon!


    1. FluffyDash


      wow, looking forward to it 

  11. Screenshot_19.png

    1. Morty


      Thanks for all the hard work you did over these past 2 years. Hope your future is full of wonderment. :D

  12. Rubi

    Quests Pack 4: What's Next?

    NPC Panda: Name of the Quest: Start (when you start the quest) Description of the Quest: Objectives to Find (can be custom): Place/Places to Find: Final (when you complete the quest) Description of the Quest: NOTE: You are allowed to suggest quests with more than one part, make sure you seperate the two parts. NOTE 2: This is not a contest. Not all of the ideas will be made if they are technically impossible, so think carefully before posting. The quest ideas submission will end when we're sure we have enough quests to start working on the pack.