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What's next? (October - December 2017)

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Hi Pandas! Here is what's coming up next this October and November. 


October 20th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Pumpkin Day event - You can dress your Panda in orange, or if you have the pumpkin costume, as a pumpkin!

October 21th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Ghost Potion Day event - Let's have a spOoOoOoky party on mPandanda! (On this day you can earn double coins on The Ghosts of Misty Hill

October 23th - New Zing Prize!

October 24th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Classic Pandanda Anniversary event - On this day, the classic Pandanda turns 8-year-old. It might be closed, but it's still in our hearts. If you love Pandanda, attend this event.

October 28th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Costume Day event - Are you ready with your Halloween outfit? Show it up on Costume Day. The best outfit wins!

October 30th - Zing is leaving - Zing is leaving on a holiday during Pumpkin Festival, but he may still visit to celebrate with friends!

October 30th - Discount Day - A day before Pumpkin Festival, get discount on ANY item in mPandanda, which is 15% during this day!

October 31th - November 14th - PUMPKIN FESTIVAL - Get the spook! Pumpkin Festival begins! (and Pumpkin Festival quests)

October 31th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Halloween Party event - Let's celebrate Halloween and the beginning of Pumpkin Festival!

---- NOVEMBER EVENTS (more events will be added soon, be patient) ----

November 1st - November 2nd - Day of the Dead - Day of the Dead is a time of celebration and honor in remembrance of friends and family members who have died. Come celebrate and receive a free gift!

November 20th - November 26th - Thanksgiving Week - Spend extra time with your Pandanda friends, and talk about the things you are thankful for.

November 20th - Zing is Back - Zing is coming back with a new prize!

November 24th, 11am mPandanda Time* - Thanksgiving Day event - Attend this event and talk about the things you are thankful for playing mPandanda.

November 24th - Black Friday - IT'S BLACK FRIDAY! Get discount on ANY item in mPandanda, which is 50% during this day!

November 27th - New Zing Prize!


Snow in mPandanda Land
Winter Festival
Christmas Treehouse Contest
Holiday events
...and much much more!!!

Join our Discord server! Talk with our community! https://discord.gg/hh5HHYu

Make sure to tell your Panda friends about this! They need to have fun on mPandanda.

* mPandanda Time is actually Pacific Standard Time. You can check your local time when our events start here. You can share the link to everyone! 


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