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Hey everyone! It's time for the awaited Posting Contest. I'll start with mentioning the aim of it - it's actually to help people discover how much fun can you have with the others here. Of course, there'll be a prize and we really hope that it's not gonna get more inactive after the contest ends!

To keep the long story short, you need to post. As much as you can. Not spamming. Meaningful content. Anything that's appropriate. Throw your soul around and share music, forum games, art, pictures, everything! How do we determine the winner after such an overwhelming amount of people having fun? Well, let's put it this way: you can also like others' content. Don't forget to do so. Whenever you like something, hit that heart button (or you can also hit the thanks one). And so, the one who has the most posts and most likes given wins (yeah, we can see that through the leaderboard). Basically, you need to post a lot to gather a lot of likes and win.

How do you submit? Basically you just start posting. Nothing else. Everybody who is posting will be automatically participating. Isn't it awesome?

Winner will get 5 Panda Gold and the Forums Hoodie.

Happy posting everyone! Don't forget to have fun because this is the aim of this contest!

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