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Forums Posting Week Results

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Hey everyone!

Our Forums Posting Week has been a huge success and I was amazed by the activity in the forums - it was just awesome! It's time to announce the one who'll get 5 Panda Gold and the Forums Hoodie.

However, the winner this time will be chosen in a more complicated way than in previous contests - everybody is going through 2 semi finals and then it's the final with the final results. Only qualifiers from the first semi final will continue in the second semi final. Qualifiers are the Top 5 members after Top 4 members' scores in every subcategory from our Leaderboard is summed up.

The ranking in a subcategory respectively gives the participant 4, 3, 2 or 1 point.

First, we're starting off with the Reputation Category - that's for the likes you all have given to each other. It has 4 subcategories: Posts, Status Updates, Status Replies and All Areas (that is all the content you have liked from the specific members - topics and polls + the previous 3 subcategories' results).


Next, we have the Status Updates subcategory.


Almost there! We've now got Status Reples subcategory.


And the last subcategory, All Areas:



Drumroll! We've got a few names around appearing in every category but who are the 5 qualifiers?


Wow, we've got eggplant80 leading for now with 14 points and then the next qualifiers have the same amount of points. Anything can change in semi final 2, Content Category, we've got no subcategories here. Its aim is to value not status updates but actual posts in topics. Each post equals 1 point, they're added to the score of the qualifiers from semi 1.


And here we are, the moment of truth! It's time for the FINAL results. Drumroll please... and click to reveal the hidden content!



Congratulations to FluffyDash on winning the Forums Posting Week! You get 5 Panda Gold and Forums Hoodie, as well as the Contest Winner Award here, on the Forums!

I really hope that you've enjoyed this posting week, everyone. I really hope that now the Forums will stay as active!

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