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  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today we had earth day event  :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played fashion show, then hide and seek and had giveaway of two earth day shirts, green and blue :)

    The event was very fun, cya on mpd 9_9!!!!!!!!!!!!


    earth day april 2018 1.png

    earth day april 2018 2.png

    earth day april 2018 3.png

    earth day april 2018 4.png

    earth day april 2018 5.png

    earth day april 2018 6.png

    earth day april 2018 7.png

    earth day april 2018 8.png

  • FluffyDash

    OMG I LOVE FORUM UPDATES. It's amazing! 😍

  • DJFang

    Welcome to the updated version of our forums, everyone!

    What's new?



    The chatbox is back!

    New stunning website themes (the new default theme is Infraskew, check out also Animate - you can find them in the Themes menu at the bottom of the page)!

    Easier topic starting!

    Social icons are now for some themes on the right!

    Software upgrade!

    Small refinements (check out the new Desktop Search Bar!)

    Now we log all activity on the forums, please keep that in mind as well.


    We had the intention of implementing Member of the Month but that'll happen months later.


    We'll also start soon a massive event with prizes in which the Forums will be needed - all I can say for now is that you'll have to post some good content and, most importantly, have fun.



  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today @Sheriff Steele came to see us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played bunny catch and I won one round because I caught the most brown bunnies :D, then we played ghost catch and then we did fashion shows, then we went to purple door and played Guess the lyrics!!! then we played hide and seek and @Sheriff Steele hid, then we had fast typer.

    And then @Sheriff Steele did a giveaway of a black I heart PD t-shirt and 2 panda gold.:D

    The event was very fun, cya on mpd :D

    sheriff visit april 2018 1.png

    sheriff visit april 2018 2.png

    sheriff visit april 2018 3.png

    sheriff visit april 2018 4.png

    sheriff visit april 2018 5.png

    sheriff visit april 2018 6.png

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