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  • lizzie005

    Today I thought it was a good day to dress like a "ghost" Sincerely I had nothing to do and I happened to scare Steve 🙌😂Will I do it? 😏 Comment!


  • Suzukipb10

    Tammy Tomato must really enjoy tomato's a lot since her last name has tomato in it. 😄 The mpd tomato plant looks so tiny/ nice shaking animation for the plant too. 🍅

    harvest tomato.PNG

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  • LoveSabina

    I just reached level 26 💪🤙
    I don't know about you , guys , but i'm not a big fan of tomatoes 
    It seems like my unicorn disagrees 🤔😂


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  • eggplant80

    👻 🐰 Today we had game day!!!!!!!!!!!! 👻🐰,

    @DJFang hosted the event because there werent any community managers on.

    We played ghost catch, bunny chase, then we talked to @DJFang about gaming, did fashions shows themes were summer and gaming, played guess the lyrics, then we did Q and A about the upcoming sailors festival then had 2 giveaways of blue bunny sweater and purple flannel shirt 😄

    The event was fun we all were very glad to see @DJFang cya on mpd 🐼 😁


    game day with fang 1.png

    game day with fang 2.png

    game day with fang 3.png

    game day with fang 4.png

    game day with fang 5.png

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