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  • Barkey

    Think about who matters to you <3:x

    The Panda has to write about someone he or about  his bff. Don't forget to write his/her name.

    If you feel bad you can write somethig bad about a Panda or somethig you want that Panda change at himself.

    Don't be very bad. I'm waiting for you to be a good Panda.

  • Sherman

    Abbreviation of Think = T = is it True, H =is it Helpful, I = is it Inspiring, N = is it Necessary, K = is it Kind?

  • eggplant80

    On my pic with the pandas is icefire aka as king he passed away a few months ago, he had muscular dystrophy he was always in a wheelchair, he had to have surgery on his spine cuz he had multiple sclerosis and his spine was getting too crooked for him to sit in his wheelchair, idk know the details of why he died but i know he did cuz on his Uncles facebook it said his nephew died.

    Icefire was only 14 years old

    I miss him alot at least now he can walk and run and be free of pain in Heaven

    RIP Icefire aka King

  • Chris

    This is so motivational :)a2b236dcd5e02b76dee4a5e41d310266.jpg

  • eggplant80  »  Sherman

    hi Sherman,

    I hope you have a great dayB|

    Talk to you on mpd

    Your friend, eggplant80


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