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  • eggplant80

    hi pandas,

    Today was spring hat event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We did fast typer alot of times,then fashion shows then sadly mpd lost connection noone could get on this is the only picture that I have of the event.

    Now mpd is fixed :D we get on mpd again

    Next event is white color day on Tuesday the 17th of April cya all of you pandas at the event. :D B|

    spring hat event 1.png

  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    I made a new friend on mpd his name is UncleBob hes very nice and likes to talk alot if you see him on mpd say hi too him he can be your friend too :D

    cya cool panda on mpd B|

    eggplant and unclebob 1.png

  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today we had 101 ways to have fun on mpd event!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The event was lots of fun but we only found 25 ways to have fun on mpd :D

    The 25 ways we found to have fun on mpd were, #1 fishing at fishing hole, #2 finding fruits and veggies at orchard, #3 bunny chase, #4 fishing at coconut beach, #5 running around lighthouse island, #6 play pen the pig, #7 get ice cream, #8 play line 4, #9 play fashion show, #10 ghost chase, #11 fast typer, #12 smiling, #13 making numbers, #14 using potions, #15 hide and seek,#16 dance in purple door, #17 jumping, #18 sleeping, #19 waving, #20 riddles, #21 song lyrics, #22 taking our pets for a walk, #23 ride horses, #24 climb the tower at east market street and #25 ride dragons.

    The event was alot of fun and everyone got 250 coins as a giveaway @Rubi did a great job the event was awesome B| :D

    I hope those 25 ways to have fun on mpd helps you get ideas on how to have fun on mpd, cya cool pandas on mpd B| 9_9

    fun ways on mpd 1.png

    fun ways on mpd 2.png

    fun on mpd 3.png

    fun on mpd 4.png

    fun on mpd 5.png

    fun on mpd 6.png

    fun on mpd 7.png

    fun on mpd 8.png

    fun on mpd 9.png

    fun on mpd 10.png

  • eggplant80

    hi pandas,

    Today we had Orthodox Easter Event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We played hide and seek, fashion shows, bunny catch, we got 3 super bunny potions and red easter egg chair as seen in the picture below for the giveaways.

    Those are the highlights of the event :D

    cya cool pandas on mpd B|


    orthodox easter event 1.png

    orthodox easter event 2.png

    orthodox easter event 3.png

    orthodox easter event 4.png

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