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  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    I have 2 pictures down below the first one is @STRAHIL and @ad19 fishing for gold at Coconut beach 😃

    The second picture is @STRAHIL and me in my tree house with my 18 pets 😉

    I hope you pandas like my pictures and I like the new prizes from Questy do you?

    cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😄 😀


    plant and friends fishing.png

    plant and strahil in plant treehouse.png

  • PapaJohn

    Thank you! @Suzukipb10 and @FluffyDash 

    I think you will like the name of the pet. 🙂 



  • LoveSabina

    I wanted to post this on 31st August , but i was in a bad mood . Doesn't matter 
    6 years ago , on 31st august 2012 i've made my first mPanpanda account.
    Reasons why i loved and played this game and also memories :

    • I remeber being so fascinated by the visuals of the games , especially by the Coconut Beach .The games i was playing at that time ( Animal Jam , Club Penguin , Our World) were so... basic i think . mPandanda always had this natural enviroment , that's why i loved it so much , that's why my favorite room of them all is Coconut Beach. 
    • the quests (for me , i was 11 at that time and i didn't knew so well english) were so simple , funny and again i was fascinated by visuals. My favorite types of quests were finding semi-precious rocks/stones in Harvest Grove. 
    • The first festival i saw was the Harvest Festival . Now that is coming , im going to experience my childhood again. 
    • Even tho i was able to stay on my PC for only 3 days per week , i ended with level 18. My goal was to achieve at least 20 levels but i was stuck at 18. 
    • I have created my account together with a friend and we played together . I dont know if she did the quests just like i did . The last day before the games closed, i remeber perfectly . This time i logged alone and brought everything because it was the Free VIP Day. I have brought my first dragon , a blue one but never saw how he grown. 
    • A few days ago , it was my 100 days anniversary also . So happy birthday to my account again! 7

    Now that i have rediscovered this beautiful game , i can finally achieve what i always wanted . With the present account, have achived only just half of them . A plus for me was... that i discovered a beautiful comunity too! 
     Dear mPandanda team, thank you for making my childhood great and keep going with doing amazing things !💋



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  • PapaJohn

    FINALLY! Level 115 has been accomplished.



    My new King and Queen outfits. 


  • Suzukipb10

    Welcome to the equinox in space 🙂

    Questy has new shop items that are ready for us to buy.👾

    • For 2018 the equinox will happen on Saturday September 22nd-23rd around 8:54PM

    What is the equinox?

    • The equinox is the time or date that happens twice a year for which the sun will cross the celestial equator and day/ night will become in equal length.
    •  equinox means equal night

    Fact: we are up to 16 cloaks so far how cool is that  





    For the mpd ideas topic on May 18th @Rubi created a few prototype emoji shirts which look great and as you can see down below a few of them were created 🙌  https://mpandanda.ga/index.php?/topic/149-clothing-accessories-topic/



    The pink one is just to show what we had before for our first smiley shirt type. 


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