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  • eggplant80

    hi panda friends,

    Today I got too level 110 on quests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Five more levels then I'm level 115 😄

    Happy questing 🤩

    eggplant80 level 110.png

  • Suzukipb10

    Hey pandas, since the quest pack 4 officially started today I thought I would share the photo from Jim's quest What Lurks in the Night, it's really fun to play and mysterious that we get a new ghost.👻

    evil ghost.PNG

  • FluffyDash

    Hello guys! Today is the first day when some quests from the new Pack 4 are available to do! You can see new tasks from McWiggles, Jim and Lisa✅ 



    I'm sorry I forgot to make a screenshot of a McWiggles one, because I completed it haha. But it was very sweet 🙂 (About watering some trees)
    Jim quest is long and exciting, I liked it most 😉 

    See u online, good luck in completing!

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  • Panda

    Yesterday Horse event!

    Blue unicorn was exclusive giveaway item 😄







  • eggplant80

     hi panda friends, 🐴 🦄 

    Today we had horse event, everyone rode horses, ponies or unicorns.

    If you want to buy a unicorn you can buy one from Lily 😁

    At the event we played hide and seek and giveaway of dark blue unicorn as seen on the pictures below.

    The event was lots of fun cya on mpd!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    horse event 1.png

    horse event 2.png

    horse event 3.png

    horse event 4.png

    horse event 5.png

    horse event 6.png

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